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NotablePress First Steps

Here are the basic initial steps for how to get up and running with your new NotablePress site.

Things Needed to Get Started

Prior to getting started, here’s what you’ll need to get the most out of NotablePress:

  1. WordPress Hosting Solution: WP Engine, Cloudways, SpinupWPFlywheel, and Kinsta are a number of solid options.
  2. Stripe Account: Stripe is a payment processor that will enable your to collect payments from your subscribers. Create a free account, here.
  3. Custom Domain: Because you’ll be running your own site, you’ll need a domain by which your fans remember you. Hover is an excellent place to purchase and register your custom domain.
  4. NotablePress License Key: You’ll need a valid license key to unlock all the features of the theme. If you don’t have a key, you can get one, here.
  5. Site Email Sending Service: Depending on the host you’re using, you may also need a third-party Email sending service (different than your Email marketing service) that helps insure that Emails sent directly from your website land in inboxes. Good options are Sendinblue and SendGrid combined with the WP Mail SMTP plugin.

First Steps

Once you have everything you need in preparation for your new site, you’re ready to set up NotablePress! Here are the steps to follow for getting started:

  1. Setup a Blank Install of WordPress: Depending upon the host you’re using, this process is typically pretty simple. Ideally, you’ll want this initial install on a “staging environment” that’s not on your custom domain while you’re going through the process of setting up your site. It’s super-important that this is a new install of WordPress and doesn’t have any content/settings you don’t wish to lose.
  2. Install and Activate NotablePress: Once you’re logged into your WordPress site as an administrator, click “Appearance” and click the button that says “Add New.” Then select, upload, install, and activate the NotablePress theme zip file you received upon checkout. You can also access this zip file on your account page.
  3. Follow the NotablePress “Setup Assistant:” Next, the theme will walk you through a series of steps meant to automate as much of the set up process as possible. To ensure the process works successfully, fill out each field as completely as possible (particularly the license key field).
  4. Finalize the Layout, Configuration, and Content: Customize your front page, add your content, and edit the Theme Settings to ensure everything looks good prior to taking your site live. Migrating content from another WordPress website? Check out this video.
  5. Point Your Domain to Your New Site: Lastly, to take your site live, you’ll need to point your domain over at your new site. This will vary widely between domain registrars and WordPress hosts, however, check with their documentation and support teams to help configure the settings to take your site live.

For a comprehensive video training on how to get up and running with NotablePress, check out our free series, here.